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Wounded Game Recovery

New Doc 2017-12-29

Welcome to the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association’s official website. Below are a few facts that you may want to know about the TLGDA that set us apart from other Lacy associations.

  • We are listed in the House Resolution 108, by The State of Texas. We are the only breed association so listed.
  • We are aligned with the Lacy Game Dog Registry. The LGDR is the original, and official, registry recognized by The State of Texas in House Resolution 108. Below is the wording taken directly from the LGDR website:

“The LGDR is the “Official Single Breed Registry” for the “Blue Lacy Breed”.
The LGDR works in alliance with the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association (TLGDA). All breeders listed on the TLGDA website, http://www.lacydog.com , will submit all litters for registration to the LGDR and have signed breeder ethic codes on file with the TLGDA and the LGDR.
 Due to documentation on file, the TLGDA is the only Blue Lacy association the LGDR recognizes and supports.”

  • Several TLGDA members were instrumental in getting the Lacy recognized as the state dog.

Because of these, and several other reasons, please keep a Texas Lacy Game Dog member, and breeder, in mind when you are looking for your next Lacy puppy.

Download the TLGDA By Laws

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