Breeders List

In a rare breed, it is critical that only those who are knowledgeable about genetics, breeding, and a sire and dam’s strengths and weaknesses attempt to breed dogs. Breeding dogs is never to be entered into lightly.

In rare breeds, it is possible to damage a portion of the already limited gene pool by just a few irresponsible and uneducated breedings, motivated by greed or ignorance. Breedings overseen by conscientious, ethical breeders normally have great results. If error is found by an ethical breeder, they take care of the situation by making sure a damaged prodigy is not used for breeding purposes and research what happened to reduce the problem from reoccurring.

There is a great saying, “Just because a dog is purebred doesn’t mean that its well-bred, and just because a dog is a well-bred doesn’t mean that it should BE bred.” Ethical breeders will breed for: instinct, structure, coats, health, and temperament. Working versatility would also be included for the Blue Lacy breeding practices.

Please spay or neuter your pets, and leave the breeding to those who have made a life study and commitment to educating themselves about this breed, and sound, ethical breeding practices.

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NameRanchCityStateEmailPhone NumberBlog Site
Bullard, Doug & 331-9527
Kerr, 581-9640
Hoffert, Jeffrey San 712-0678
Widdowson, RyanGreen Cove 608-9317
McLeod, Kerney &
Girth, 687-1394
Bennett, 548-3500
Arnold, 212-0233
Montgomery, Clay & KristieArrow M
Bludau, Ryan and 853-5924
Bradshaw, Eddie &
(832) 250-6211
Brown, Carroll &
Campbell, 550-3376
Crain,?Franklin & SandraCrain's 3-C
Crain,? GregC41 RanchBay
Crain, Lusty &
Dillon, 560-0490
Adcock, Jack & SandyD-S Texas Lacy
Gilliland, 247-2528
Hemphill, Mark &
Holcombe, Tasha & McDonald, CoryElginTexastashaholcombemom@gmail.com512-653-8144
Lawrence, 718-0005
Lay,?Norman &
Macha, GaryNeedvilleTexasgmacha21@gmail.com281-239-5063
Marshall, John & 274-5490
McClellan. HughSan AntonioTexashsmc2@wt.net210-822-7313
Menley, PerryCarrizo 876-2801
Johnson, Mark & AmandaMJ
Windle, Doug & ChristalNative Texas RanchNew
Valenzuela, Phillip & RebeccaOgleby's 672-9936
Ondrej, Marlo and
Pecan Peak RanchPecan Peak RanchDallas/
Perry, Randy &
Porter, Todd &
Robertson, 750-5946
Roche, Jim & 853-1555
Saldivar, Samantha & Williams, 518-1927
Studer, Robert & JodyStuder
Sturman, Warren &
Wall, KennyLeague 844-0969
Wright, Johnathon &
Wright, Brett & KarenFalls 391-0633 | (830) 391-0628