Bay City Funday Cancelation:

As an association we try very hard to make sure that we have the best interest of our members, followers, and our association in mind. We try to consider this when we put on a fun day as well as when we cancel a fun day. We had all intentions of going on with the event this weekend because it is indoors. However, we are getting reports of the amount of rain that has come down and the potential problems that could come from more rain. Also, we have to consider the potential problem from the tropical storm that is brewing. With that being said we have decided to cancel the Bay City fun day this year.

We try very hard making sure that our decisions are based on the best interest of our members and the best financial considerations for the association. We feel like the turnout will be low and we feel like that the people that try to come would be put in too much danger from inclement weather and therefore would not be worth it.

We certainly look forward to seeing everyone next year in Bay City if Mother Nature will give us a break.



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