May 2018 Newsletter and Important Information

Hello everyone. I have been trying to get a chance to write this update since we got back from the Lampasas Funday but we have been running since we got home last Sunday night. Anyway, here we go. WHAT A GREAT EVENT!!!!!

First I would like to thank The Linders and Bar 17 for the great facilities. Next, thank you to all of you that came out Friday afternoon to set up, worked Saturday and help tear down and police the area. There is so much work that goes into one of these events and the people that help put it on give up their time and money to be there early and work through the event. I can’t say enough about the Lampasas County 4-H and their help. They brought the food, the kids, and served the concession all day. It was reported to me that they took in $788.50!  It was just shy of $600 profit. Becca Dishman with the 4-H group said, “Great day!!! Thanks again and we look forward to next year”

Our final numbers were really good as well. We had 15 NEW members an 4 renewals sign up at the event. We took in $4047 and after the arena, livestock expenses, etc we should make close to $2715 net. We use this money to put on these events, pay for advertising for our members in different media, website support, and pay for the TLGDA Scholarships that we try to give out annually. There are other expenses as well but you get the drift.

Speaking of the TLGDA Scholarships, IT IS THAT TIME!!!!! From now through the first week of June, June 9th, we will be taking your essays for the $500 and $250 scholarships. They need to be at least two pages in length and be in standard MLA or APA format. The topics should be, “Hunting Conservation” or “What I Do With My Lacy”. When submitting, the author must be a member or sponsored by a member. Please send the compositions to Todd Porter @ or Heather Swann @ Feel free to contact any Board Member or Officer to submit an application. However, if you send it to someone other than Todd Porter or Heather Swann, PLEASE follow up with them to be sure they got it AND that it was forwarded on for the contest. Please find the full list of officers and BOD below.

Full Name


Marlo Ondrej

Sandy Adcock

Kenny Wall

Clay Montgomery

Kristie Montgomery

Todd Porter

Robin Porter

Greg Crain

Bliss Lay

Polly Wright

Heather Swann

Chris Fischer

Please read this carefully. I want all of you to post on Facebook, or text to someone you do not know or may have just met, the following information. Share your name, date of birth, and Social Security Number. Now, think on that for a few minutes. Would you do that or even consider it for yourself or someone you know such as a child or close relative? Some of you are doing that very thing with your dog when you share registration papers. You have given all of the information a person needs to falsify documents on a breeding or use the documents in other ways. THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING AND HAS BEEN ON AN INCREASE RECENTLY!!!!! Fortunately, the occurrences have been caught but with an increase of occurrences so increases the chances of missing them. Please do not share your original papers. If you are interested in a breeding match please contact Marlo Ondrej, Registrar for the Lacy Game Dog Registry, at or call 210/288-0553. She will be glad to check breeding and answer any questions. One thing I do is scan our papers and take off the registration numbers along with birth dates but I never share on social media. If someone wants to see linage or the papers I share this copy. If any other entity asks for your paperwork please DO NOT SHARE!!! Know where your information is going. Please do not share your original papers.

Finally, our Northeast Texas Funday is coming up June 30th in Bonham, TX. It will be in the same place as last year, Fannin County Multipurpose Complex. The link to the facility is We had a great showing last year and we anticipate having an even better event this year. More details will be coming but plan on being there!!!!!

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