May 2019

Do you know the best way to keep from having a FunDay cancelled due to Hurricane? The answer is to change the date of the FunDays so it is not during Hurricane Season. Back a few months ago we decided to change the date of the Bay City FunDay to June instead of September. This should keep us from having to cancel due to weather like we have the last two years. For those of you down in that area it has been a while and we look forward to seeing you.

There have been some changes since the last update. The Matagorda County Fairgrounds pulled a slick one on us and went up significantly on their pricing and would not honor the agreed price. Therefore, we had to change the venue, which also changed the date. The new venue is the Wharton County Fairgrounds and the new date is June 15th 2019. For those of you looking on your calendar, that is Father’s Day weekend. We did take all of this into consideration when trying to choose the date but this was the best date that we could get. We really do not feel like this will have a large impact on attendance, and may actually help. Consider this “Dad’s and Dogs”. The Arc of Matagorda County will be doing the concession stand this year .

Hotel accommodations are with Motel 6 in Wharton. They are $89.00 + tax per night. That is for a single or double bed. Just be sure you tell them you are with the TLGDA.

You can see more information on the flyer attached. PS How do y’all feel about changing the name to Coastal FunDay since we moved the town. We look forward to seeing you at the fairgrounds.

The Texas Lacy Game Dog Association is offering our two scholarships again this year, $500.00 for first place and $250.00 for second. The scholarships open Monday May 20, 2019 and will run through June 20, 2019. The requirement for the scholarship is a two-page essay on “Hunting Conservation” or “What you do with your Lacy dog”. You must be a member of the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association or be sponsored buy a current member and must be enrolled in a college or trade school for the fall semester 2019. The scholarship will be paid to the school. All essays should be sent to You cannot win the scholarship two years consecutively.

If you have any questions about the upcoming FunDay or the scholarship you can contact me at or message me on Facebook. Also feel free to contact any of the officers or board of directors of the association. The contact information can be found onĀ

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