September 22, 2016

On the third weekend of September the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association (TLGDA) held our annual Fun Day event in Bay City. Many of you have been to one of our TLGDA Fun Days. For those of you that have not, it is an opportunity to bring your puppy, or newly acquired dog, to an event that gives them the chance to explore several different areas of interest in a non-competitive environment. Events are centered around the working dog, but not geared towards a finished dog. However, we do have finished dogs that participate. We do encourage anyone with any type of dog to come and enjoy our events and share your experiences and questions.

In the past our group has done the work of providing lunch at our events.This year we tried something new. We wanted to work in conjunction with a non-profit organization from our host community. This was our first attempt to try to work together with another organization as a fund raiser. We had the pleasure of having The Arc of Matagorda County provide lunch at our event. We had a little time to get to know some of these incredible people. We feel that the mutual benefit to both organizations will prove to be a long lasting relationship that we plan to expand to other events.

The TLGDA would like to introduce you to Chris Smith and his Lacy, Angel. Angel is 18 months old and they got her from Greg Crain. He and his family say they couldn’t ask for a better dog. Chris loves his Angel and she is very attached to him. His mother, Linda, says that Angel has really helped Chris. Since getting him Chris has opened up a lot. She said that he has become much more confident and social. She also said the Angel has really taken up with Chris. The two are best friends.

He and his family are members of an organization called The Arc. As stated in their mission statement, “The Arc promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supports their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.” This organization helps give their members and participants a higher quality of life. Employers that hire them in the workforce are very impressed with the work and loyalty they get in return. If you are interested in learning more about The Arc, please visit their website here.

Chris Smith and Angel:


Reported by Todd Porter