Northeast Texas Funday

Hey friends, the Texas Lacy Game Dog Association is having an information and training event in our area. We are excited to bring one of these events to the area to show case the Texas State Dog. These are not competitive events. This is a chance to have a lot of knowledge and experience in one location and get help if you want it. If you have an experienced dog, you can bring your dog and let it work as well. Also, it is not limited to just Lacy dogs.

I have to let you know up front that this is a working dog event. These dogs will be working livestock and wild game.

In a nutshell, if you want an opportunity to see some working dogs, want to showcase your dog, want help tuning up your dog, or start your beginner dog…… then come out to Bonham, TX Saturday June 24th. Admission is free. It only costs of you want your dog to participate.

Our sponsors are going to have a booth and be giving away some Exclusive dog food. Also, Payton Bentley with Purina / Bear Creek Country Store will be talking about dog nutrition for different life stages as well as activity.

We are going to have two short talks, one one starting a dog on retrieving and one on basic beginning training.

Lunch and concessions will be provided by Randolph VFD. Come on out and support them add well.

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