Photo Contest Entries

TLGDA was invited by a Texas department to send in pictures of our Lacy Dogs! They are going to use them to decorate offices in a State building!
They requested the photo to be of the Blue Lacy Dog with a Texas Flag, Texas Seal, Texas buildings, or similar. That could include Texas symbols, monuments, landmarks, etc. Photos will be made into large prints to hang on walls.
All pictures have been submitted to the State agency, who will decide which pictures they wish to use. They will let us know of their decision.

Here are the submissions:

DSCN5572 Windel-tex2retouched (2) Windel-camoprofilegruenne-LR - Copy Windel-camoheadgruuene Wendel-Tex1 (3) WBG_0102-Buddy Probst Wall-IMG_3491-LR Wall-IMG_3462-LR Wall - IMG_3547---bbbbbb-LR Wall - IMG_3410-jhdflskgdfgjklsd Springdogpicsranch 013-LR Smokey-IMG_1967 (2)-LR Smokey-IMG_1966 (2)-LR Smokey-IMG_1959 (2)-LR Smokey-IMG_1957 -LR Smmokey-IMG_1968 (2)-LR Sandy-TEXASbluelacyphotos2015 160-lr Porters Lacys 4 Porters Lacys 3-LR Porters Lacys 2-LR Porters Lacys 1-LR Nancy-104-LR IMG_5639 (2)-LR Garber-Ellie_Mae-IMG_2391 Garber-Ace - IMG_8457 fred Erwin-IMG_5673 (2)-LR Erwin-IMG_5669 (2)-LR Erwin-IMG_5663 (2)-LR Erwin-IMG_5637 (2)-LR Erwin-IMG_5623 (2)-LR

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