Training a Lacy

Handling and Care
The lacy dog can be a dominant breed. Very pack oriented, they need to know who is the leader and may need to be reminded throughout their lifetime. The lacy is very energetic and dedicated to the job that they take on automatically. A stable and dominant owner is needed with a balanced touch, for a heavy hand can send a dog to anxiety or lack of dominance and can result in undesired behavior.
This breed is incredibly intelligent, easily trained, active, and highly driven. Most respond better to stern or soft commands for they can be sensitive to yelling. They are naturally territorial and will protect their property and family. Though Lacys make excellent companions, they don’t do well with passive owners. This breed needs a calm yet assertive leader who establishes clear rules. They should be socialized at an early age around people and other dogs. They should also be exposed to firearms and livestock. Every lacy needs a job, therefore not every person needs a lacy. They are so energetic, active, and intelligent that without the proper daily activities they can become bored and destructive.
While the lacy is highly intelligent and naturally dives into a job, training is needed to excel. They will naturally herd cattle, bay hogs or varmints, and follow a trail; yet proper training can make a good dog, great. No animal is naturally born with manners and obedience, and a Lacy can be very independent. If not taught something, they will think for themselves. In other words, they need to have direction and shaping in behavior and activities.